Data processing with Python

Alexander Sapozhnikov, Tatyana Vasilieva,

Data processing with Python


Data processing with Python

  1. Introduction
  2. Variables, objects, data types
  3. Control flow and loops
  4. Text extraction and processing, regular expressions
  5. Pandas and NumPy libraries
  6. Data sources, input and output
  7. Charts

Examples at

  1. tram-age: command line interface, YAML config, web scraping, data processing
  2. slide-django: web application built with Django, database and ORM
  3. tile-stat: text extraction, data processing, bar chart plotting
  4. zenmoney-tools: CSV data source, data aggregation, bar chart plotting
  5. weight: web application built with Flask, database and SQL queries

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Alexander Sapozhnikov, Tatyana Vasilieva